Common Sense Media Video Discussion Night Resources 0

Common Sense Media Video Discussion Night Resources

The slideshow below was used at the Cherry Tree PTO General Membership meeting on 1/19/2017.  Click the pictures and links in the slideshow to be connected to websites:


Happy Custodial Appreciation Week

This week is Custodial and Maintenance Staff Appreciation Week, and we want to take some time to publicly thank our amazing custodial team.  Donna, Becky, Jeanette, and Jason THANK YOU for all you do...

Meet Our New Teachers! 0

Meet Our New Teachers!

We are so excited to welcome many new amazing staff members to Cherry Tree this fall!  Below you will find a bio written by the teacher.  We hope this helps you get to know...


The Importance Of Family Time At The Table

Astronaut Scott Kelly recently returned from a year long mission to the International Space Station.  In one of his Twitter post he proclaimed that more than food he missed the “dining experience” while away...


March 2016 Maker Challenge

We have truly loved seeing our students expand their creativity and challenge their thinking skills through our MakerSpace this year.  I’d like to share a new and exciting way to extend the MakerSpace at...