March 2016 Maker Challenge

We have truly loved seeing our students expand their creativity and challenge their thinking skills through our MakerSpace this year.  I’d like to share a new and exciting way to extend the MakerSpace at home.  Starting this month, I’ll be sharing monthly Maker Challenges the remainder of this year and through the summer.  I will post these challenges on our school blog and share them via our social media channels, and we will also make the challenge available to students to optionally pick up in the MakerSpace.  The challenges can be done individually or as a family. Upon completion of each challenge we ask you students shares their final product by sending a picture into the office – this can be done via email with your help or send a physical picture in.  We ask you consider sharing some of the fun “making” moments with us via a tweet tagging @CherryTreeElem or on our Facebook page and use the hashtag #CTEmakers.    We will be distributing certificates and badges to each student who completes the monthly challenge. We hope you consider making this a family event and that you have a blast “making” fun family memories while fostering thinking and creativity.  

“Risk, failure, and ambiguity-these are among the essential ingredients of creativity.”  

  • Douglas Reeves (2015)

March 2016- #CTEmakers Monthly Challenge

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