Prevent The Summer Reading Slide – READ, READ, READ!

Dear Cherry Tree Families,

It was truly an incredible year of learning at Cherry Tree!  We hope that your families enjoy the long, and well deserved summer break.  Your student(s) acquired a myriad of reading skills this year and made significant reading progress.  Summer is certainly meant for relaxation, but sometimes in the midst of this relaxation many students take a significant break from reading and could experience “summer reading loss”.  “Summer reading loss refers to the decline in children’s reading development that can occur during summer vacation times when children are away from the classroom and not participating in formal literacy programs” (Allington & McGill-Franzen, Issues and Trends in Literacy, 785, 2003).

We want to thank you in advance for the involvement you will take this summer in helping to prevent summer reading loss.  We also want to make you aware of the many opportunities that are available to promote learning and reading throughout the summer, here are just a few (click the link for more information):

The following is great advice from the International Reading Association on summer reading:

“At the family level, the International Reading Association (1998) suggested that parents look for reading materials that relate to interests that a child enjoys, such as baseball, swimming, animals, or nature.  Families may need to be assured that useful reading materials come in many forms. In addition to books, children’s magazines may link to a child’s interest or hobby. While reasonable limits should be set for television viewing, television programs and age-appropriate movies that are based on books can serve as a catalyst for reading. Moreover, when watching television, parents should be advised to engage the captioning feature (and reduce the volume) so that students have access to and are encouraged to read the words on the television screen. Every word that is read counts. “

The table from the International Reading Association also shows ways that you can promote literacy with your student(s).

Thank you for all you do to further learning at home, and promoting literacy this summer!  We appreciate your partnership!

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